Once you have purchased a challenge, the dashboard section will display informational values of your active challenges.


Within the tab, you can find all your active challenges with basic information such as "balance, challenge size, and P/L".


If you click or tap on a specific challenge, you may find more information relating to it. We recommend using these values to keep in line with our criteria.

The "credentials" button will provide you with your account ID, server details, and the ability to reset your password if needed. We also provide easy access to download Trading Platform in this section.

Additionally, we also encourage you to check out our other tabs. Within your dashboard, click/tap on the side navigation bar to access:

- The "Challenge Accounts" section provides you with all the accounts you have purchased.

- The "Funded Accounts" section provides you with all the funded accounts you have received.

- The "Download" section provides you with quick links to download the Trading Platform on any device.

- The "Affiliates" section provides you with all affiliate-related information.

- The "My Profile" section provides you with your personal details.

- The "Live Support" section redirects you to our live chat system to connect to one of our agents.