Here are Funded Forex's recomendations for maintaining Cybersecurity:

1. Keep Personal Information Private

Never hand out personal, private or sensitive information to anyone else.

If you receive emails from Funded Forex, check that the email address is originating from our domain "".

2. Keep your Privacy Settings On

Hackers can easily learn a lot about you from your browsing history and social media usage. Nowadays, many browsers and mobile operating systems have settings to protect your privacy online. Make sure the enable these privacy safeguards!

3. Safe Browsing

Many cybercrimes start by luring the victim with content bait on a fake website, tempting you with unrealistic adverts or suspicious links. One careless click could expose your personal website and infect your device. Don't give hackers a chance.

You can identify whether a website is untrustworthy by checking the URL's connection. A secure connection is reliable, whilst an unsecured one is risky. Check by searching for a lock icon in the URL bar.

4. Secure Network

Whilst there is no doubt public Wi-Fi is convenient and free, it comes at a price. When using a public network, you have no control over its security. If you are about to provide information such as bank details, make sure you are connected to a secure, private network.

5. Cautious Downloads

Cybercriminals often opt to trick you into downloading malware, aiming to steal your information. Don't download apps, extensions or programs which seem suspicious or originate from a random website.