Funded Forex's affiliate platform is tailored for a straightforward experience to allow our users to generate more capital through their network.

The Affiliate system functions in tiers; the more referrals you get onto the platform, the higher the percentage of payout you will receive. 

The Tiers function as follows:

Normal Rate: No requirement to enter: 7% payment.

Super Affiliate: Minimum of 25 referrals every year to enter: 11% payment.

Partner: Minimum of 50 referrals every month: 15% payment.

*Kindly note that the above percentages will only apply to "Elite Challenge" referrals. On Instant Account referrals, we offer a fixed rate of 7%! *

This means that when your referral purchases an Elite Challenge of 25K for $300, you will receive $21.

If you're referral purchases an instant challenge of 25k for $3500, you will receive $245.

All affiliate profit-sharing payments will be paid on a weekly basis each Friday if the profit exceeds $100.

Funded Forex: How to become an Affiliate