Funded Forex's maximum monthly cap and scaling plan for profit splits was designed to minimize risk and incentivize traders to grow their accounts.

During the first 90 calendar days, the maximum amount of profit-sharing payments that can be paid within a calendar month is limited to 5% (five percent) of the initial capital the user has been granted in his/her Funded Account. For instance, if a user has a 100K funded account, they are only eligible to earn a maximum profit of 5k. Any profits earned beyond this limit will not be given.

We have implemented this cap to ensure that our users are not over-leveraged and that they are able to manage their funds responsibly. By having a cap in place, we can help our users minimize their risk and avoid any unforeseen losses.

In addition to the maximum monthly cap, we have also developed a scaling plan for our profit splits:

After 3 months of consistent profitable trading, the profit split will be increased to 85%. After 6 months, the profit split will be increased to 90%.

This incentivizes our users to continue to improve their trading strategies and grow their accounts over time.

Please note that in order to be eligible for your profit-share payout, you would need to be consistent in your trading activities. It means that the Highest Profit Day parameter on your Dashboard can not exceed 50%. In case this parameter has been breached, your profit share won't be paid out until you continue trading to have The Highest Profit Day at 50% or less.